Faculty and Staff

Parent Category: Faculty and Staff

 Lisa Hamilton - Principal


Cynthia Reynolds - Secretary

Whitney Posey - Attendance Monitor



Fayetta Litton

Nancy Stringer

Donna Buttram



Tara Nelson

Travis Pendergrass

Lisa Sexton

Andrea Kries

Natalie Smith


First Grade

Tristian Lay

Kellie Miller

Amy Sexton




Second Grade

Kelli Terry

George Hoffman

April Lowe

Jessica Strunk


Third Grade

Heather Hines/Assistant Principal

Robin Sexton

Sherry Trammell

Ann West


Fourth Grade

Jeremiah Garrett

Jacob Miller

Melissa Roberts

Stacie Trammell



Denise Roberts - Data Coach

Stephen Burress - Physical Education

Patricia Terry - Librarian

Keith Kries- Keyboarding

Brandie Wunderlin-- Special Education

Christy Hughett - Special  Education

Laura Lawson - Special Education

Abby Young - Special Education



Support Staff

Amie Boatwright - Special Ed Assistant

Jennifer Byrd - 3rd Grade Educational Assistant

Mitzi Byrge - 4th Grade Educational Assistant

Mary Chambers - Kindergarten Educational Assistant

Ruth Crabtree - Computer Lab-Assistant

Amanda Lay- Special Ed. Assistant

Cynthia Kimbrough - 2nd Grade Educational Assistant

Debbie Posey - PreK Educational Assistant

Sharon Phillips - PreK Educational Assistant

Sue Phillips - 1st Grade Educational Assistant

Andrea Smithers - Special Ed Assistant




Robin Carroll

Joy Newport


 Cafeteria Staff

Amy Kirby - Manager

Reda Burress

Joyce Byrd

Linda Bowling

Lori Gibson

Sarah Jones

Tiffany Lowe

Lisa Robbins