Thursday, October 21, 2021
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                                                                   Mrs. Kelli First Grade Class     
About Me: 
I earned my bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Tennessee Technological University in 2011. I am married to Jacob Miller, we are very blessed to have one son Connor. First Grade  children are special. They have so much love, curiosity, and eagerness to learnFirst Grade  has changed a great deal in the past few years to include a more rigorous curriculum. I encourage you to keep informed of your child's preogress by looking at his/her folder and discuss anything that may be difficult for him/her while praising the accomplishments. Thank you for trusting and allowing me to be your child's teacher and for being supportive of his/her education.
Our Schedule alarm_jumps_2
7:45- 8:25     Morning Activities, Intervention 
8:30-10:00    Reading Block
10:00-10:25  Reading wrap up; prepare for lunch
10:25-10:55   LUNCH
10:55-11:30  Story time, music and movement 
11:30-12:15  Specials 
12:25-1:25    Math Block
1:30-2:00      Recess
2:00-2:30      Snack
2:30-2:45      Prepare for Dismissal 
2:45               First load busses
Monday (Keyboarding)
Tuesday (P.E.)
Wednesday (Computer Lab)
Thursday (P.E.)
Friday (Library) 





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