Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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We are currently working on:

Phonemic Awareness: rhyming, listening for sounds in words, changing words (ex. rat to cat or tat or pat etc), songs, poems, counting syllables in their names and other words, having them to repeat back the first sound heard in a word (ex. I say boat they say /b/ oat then push that word back together.


Letter recognition and sound association are looked at each day.

We are beginning to build word family words with __am (ex. ham, bam, sam, tam, jam).

Next, we will include at, ad, an, and ap words.


Word work

This is a list of our high-frequency words from the reading series.  We will learn many words in addition to these.


1.   A     my         the         I     like        go          we


2.  On    to          you      have      do          what


3.  No    see         look      come     for         me


4.  One    little    are        here


      Color words

red                   orange

blue                  purple

yellow              brown

green               black             

 pink                 white




Number words

We will learn to recognize, write, and spell number

words one through twenty-five




We focus on number recognition and building sets everyday.  The students are learning to build on their number knowledge.  For example, they will be able to build a set with a given number 1 -10.  We are also looking at sets to determine how many more of something is needed to complete that set.  For example, showing that a set needs 5 but they only have 2 how many more is needed.

Our current math focus is patterns.

The students are learning to recognize and create

AB, ABB patterns.

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