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Mrs. Melissa Roberts


Welcome to Fourth Grade!!!

Check out the bottom of the page for some great links for Math and Multiplication Practice!!





** Friday Multiplication Tests!!

Next week- 0-12   Practice every night!! These are timed tests, and there isn't much time to "count up", so they must be memorized.



Current Math Lesson- Topic 10...Understanding Fractions



Remember!!!! TCAP scores are 15% of your child's final grade!





**Please remember- If you would like to check out a math textbook to

keep at home to give your child extra help, just write a note and I will be

happy to send one.


Class Schedule:

7:45-8:00- Attendance, morning routine, etc.

8:00-9:00- First Period Math (Red Paws)

9:00-10:00- Second Period Math (Blue Paws)

10:00-11:00- Third Period Math (Yellow Paws)

11:00-11:30- AR/Intervention

11:30-12:00- Recess

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:30- 4th period Math (Green Paws)

1:30-2:15- Specials

2:15-2:50- AR/Intervention/ Remediation

2:50-3:15- Buses, Pickups



Do you have a question or concern?? Contact me at :

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Math Class:

Welcome to 4th grade math! As you are already aware, the 4th grade curriculum is challenging and fast paced. Check back often for up-coming events.


Friday Multiplication Tests--- We will have a multiplication test every Friday. This test will be timed and cover all the multiplication facts mastered in 3rd grade.




Multiplication Practice Website

AAA- 4th Grade Math Activities



Mental Math - Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers

Estimating Products

Multiplying 2 Digit x 2 Digit Numbers




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