Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Sharon Woodward's 3rd Grade Introduction


      In third grade at Huntsville Elementary, each student will change classes between two teacher. One

teacher will cover math and social studies, and the other teacher will cover reading, writing, English,

spelling/phonics, and science.      


      I currently teach reading, writing, English, spelling/phonics, and science in third grade at Huntsville

Elementary. I have been teaching third grade for three years. I love teaching! It amazes me to watch

students develop and grow academically, physically, and socially.  I feel so humbled to have such an amazing



      This is a summary of how I guide students' learning experiences. In the classroom, I establish boundaries

and develop procedures to maintain a positive,effective, and safe learning environment. I model and support

acceptable behavior. My goal is to educate all students with high expectations of academic excellence, artistic

expression, and cultural awareness. To stimulate the development of learning, I promote creative and

academic processes which incorporates a wide range of today's educational tools and various learning

strategies. My instruction will include a wide range real-life scenarios and connections, hands-on activities,

research-based activities, analyzing, problem solving, multimedia, technology, self-directed learning, model

learning, and higher order of thinking to enhance student's learning. I use various grouping practices to help

students advance and mature intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. With assorted teaching and

assessment practices, I promote students to not only think analytically but also critically, and to be creative,

productive, and responsible students and citizens.


      In third grade, students will take a variety of state mandated assessments. Students will take the MIST

Writing test, online, in February. Students will take a CRA Math test during the year. Students will take

theTCAP test in the spring. This is the big test that has four components: reading, math, science, and social

studies. It has been announced that this test will be taken on the computer in 2015.        


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