Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol
Posted on 07/10/2023
2022 Safety Patrol greeting

Welcome to the Huntsville Safety Patrols! Being a part of our school’s Safety Patrol is a lot of work and a BIG responsibility. As a patrol you are seen as a leader in your class and on campus. Younger students will look up to you, teachers will depend on you, and parents will recognize you. Taking on this responsibility and wearing a special safety patrol vest means you agree to take on these responsibilities. Election of Patrols

1. Patrols must be a 4th Grade student.
2. Patrols must maintain a C or above average in each subject area.
3. Patrols are elected from input teachers, administration and staff.
4. Consideration is based on student leadership qualities, respectful attitude, reliability, ability to follow rules, daily behavior, good attendance, sense of responsibility, a desire to help others, and attitude toward others.

Patrol Responsibilities

1. Safety Patrol participation is to be considered a very high honor and offers students an early opportunity to serve as a school volunteer.
2. Be a good leader and role model for all students.
3. Encourage students to observe safety rules at all times.
4. Greet students with a smile and a “Good Morning!”
5. Assist struggling younger students to their classrooms.